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Hair Care

To increase the life expectancy of your Xtraordinary Hair, please follow these easy guideline that will help keep your hair looking healthy and in great condition.

  • Prior to installation, we recommend that you seal your wefts on your Xtraordinary Hair to increase the life span of the hair.
  • When installing Xtraordinary Hair extensions cut weft only when absolutely necessary.
  • When installing Xtraordinary Hair sew around the wefts not through the wefts. This will minimize shedding.
  • Treat Xtraordinary Hair extensions like your natural hair and wash regularly to maintain its texture.
  • When washing Xtraordinary Hair extensions use high moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, petroleum and artificial colors.
  • Comb Xtraordinary Hair extensions with a soft bristle brush or vent brush, starting from the ends of the hair. Then gently work your way upward towards the weft.
  • Comb Xtraordinary Hair extensions before your wash your hair and before going to bed.
  • When applying heat to your Xtraordinary Hair we recommend using a heat protectant to prevent any damage to the hair.
Hair Care

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