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The term “Remy” refers to the collection of the hair. 

Remy hair is soft, shiny, durable and has a longer life span compared to non-Remy hair and is less likely to tangle. The best type of Remy hair is Virgin Remy Hair.

When the hair is collected from a donor the hair is intact which protects the hair from being damaged. Virgin Remy Hair is 100% natural and has not been chemically treated to manipulate the color or texture.

This means the hair has not been treated with color, perm, bleach or dyes. Because the hair is not processed, it has a natural color. For instance, Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian and Peruvian range from dark brown to medium brown tones.

The texture of virgin hair is usually straight, curly or wavy.

Yaki, body wave and curls are chemical processed to obtain its texture therefore, is no longer considered Virgin Remy Hair.

Sometimes, high pressure and heat methods are use on virgin hair to make curls and waves.

However, since there is no chemical process used this hair is still considered Virgin Remy Hair.  In conclusion, all virgin hair is Remy but not all Remy hair is virgin.

When Indian hair extensions dry, they tend to create a beautiful wave that ranges for a slight wave to extra wavy.  However, Indian hair is very workable and both straighten and curl very easily.  Indian hair holds curls well but does slightly loosen yet never totally falling out of place unless in a damp or humid environment.

Silkier and shinier than Indian hair, Brazilian hair is offered in wavy, curly and straight textures.  Brazilian curly hair tends to hold curls well and often maintains curls longer than Indian hair.  Brazilian straight hair textures are mostly straight but tend to curl beautifully at the ends.

Peruvian Hair extensions are thicker and slightly coarser than Indian and Brazilian Hair. This hair type blends well with typical African-American relaxed hair as well as medium Caucasian hair textures.  Peruvian hair is offered in wavy, curly and straight. When wet or washed, the curly hair texture tends to be even curlier.

Silkier and softer than Peruvian Hair, Malaysian Hair can first appear as too shinny but after a couple of washes the shine lessens and the appearance blends to a more natural look. Curls will last all day and do not loosen or drop. No hair product is required to maintain the shape.  It is advised to avoid oily sprays to prevent a wig-like appearance.

This is the perfect option for women with fine hair. It also blends well with Caucasian hair. It appears thinner than Indian Hair, but allows for a more natural appearance when installed. Of the different types, European Hair is the smoothest and silkiest and does not fizz after it is straightened.


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